Kaspersky PURE Eng/Deu/Rus

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Kaspersky PURE Eng/Deu/Rus

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Kaspersky PURE - a program designed for comprehensive protection of the computers on your home network. The structure of Kaspersky PURE includes the following functional modules: the control of security (Kaspersky Internet Security 2010), backup, data encryption, parental controls, password manager, control center, additional tools.

Content on 15.03.2010:
* Kaspersky PURE English;
* Kaspersky PURE German;
* Kaspersky PURE Russian;
* Rukovodostva users in these three languages;
* Trial Reset, Video Help and Kaspersky Updater.

Updated on 15.03.2010:
* Added a skin, which adds the possibility of direct activation of the program using a file-key;
* Added Trial-key for the program;
* Updated video instructions on resetting the trial;
* Updated patch Kaspersky Hybride Pure to version 1.3 (activates the program to activate the keys of Kaspersky Internet Security).
Year: 2010
Developer: Kaspersky Lab
System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (all editions h86/h64)
Language: English Russian German
Tabletka: Present

* Verification of security (Kaspersky Internet Security 2010) - protects computers from known and emerging threats;
* Backup - allows you to quickly recover your data in case of their loss;
* Data encryption - protects your confidential information from unauthorized access;
* Parental Control - protects children and adolescents from the risks associated with work on the computer and the Internet;
Kaynak: Wardom http://www.wardom.org/showthread.php?t=360165
* Password Manager - provides secure storage of passwords and other credentials, as well as confidentiality in the process of filling the various forms of authorization;
* Control Center - allows you to remotely manage the security of computers in the network;
* Additional tools - used to optimize the parameters of the operating system and perform specific tasks to ensure the security of your computer.

Main features of Kaspersky PURE:
* Protect computer's file system
* Mail protection
* Protection of Web traffic
* Protection of traffic instant messengers
* Control Program
* Safe runtime programs
* Firewall (firewall)
* Proactive protection
* Protection from network attacks
* Anti-Spam
* Anti-Banner
* Backup
* Parental control
* Data Encryption
* Password Manager
* Additional security tools

Kaspersky Updater with GUI - update utility designed to download and save to a separate directory updates databases and application modules Kaspersky Lab. C it means you can download updates for selected Kaspersky Lab applications installed on your network or home computer. The utility has the ability to save the downloaded database and avtopatchi a local folder, a network directory, which is connected as a drive to the file system on your computer, or on flash-media.

http://hotfile.com/dl/32664741/6ecb065/ ... 1.rar.html
http://hotfile.com/dl/32664840/e59f294/ ... 2.rar.html
http://hotfile.com/dl/32664962/9f32538/ ... 3.rar.html
http://hotfile.com/dl/32664998/026b3b9/ ... 4.rar.html

http://freakshare.net/files/2v99by6m/Ka ... 1.rar.html
http://freakshare.net/files/qvqice22/Ka ... 2.rar.html
http://freakshare.net/files/o2413wqr/Ka ... 3.rar.html
http://freakshare.net/files/h3tp3qeh/Ka ... 4.rar.html[/align]

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Kaspersky PURE Eng/Deu/Rus

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